Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Super Quick Recipes


  Tomatoes are world famous veges ( or may be fruit)...it's plant originally belongs to Southern America but in Spanish Colonial Era, Spanish Traders take'em all over the world. 
Now days China is largest cultivator of tomatoes with Approx 33,811,702 tonnes (in year 2008). following
  1. CHINA:                           33,811,702
  2. UNITED STATES           12,575,900
  3. TURKEY                         10,985,400
  4. INDIA                              10,260,600
  5. ITALY                               5,976,912    
  •  WORLD TOTAL              129,649,883
 (as Wikipedia)
  As we know tomatoes are one fragile vegetables in the world but at the same time it is one of the toughest vegetables in the world. Seriously .... they've ability to sustain their vitals in harsh conditions.. i mean they can't lose their vitals easily in extreme cooking conditions (ie:on full flame) ..
  In Almost every country have it's own tomato cuisine ....so tomatoes have countless recipes...like;
Salad, Salsa, Tomato Sauce, Chatney, Soups, Stews, Chowders, Curries, Juices, Jams,

  •   Fresh Red Tomatoes  400gms
  •   Fresh Cilantro  (few branches) 15-20gms
  •   Spring Onion...(few branches) 20-30gms
  •   Green Chillies  8 pcs
  •   Garlic Cloves  6 pcs
  •   Balsamic Vinegar (or any other)  6 tbs
  •   Ginger 1 piece (1-2 inch)
  •   Green Apples (pealed and sliced) 2 pcs
  •   Dairy Cream 100gms
  •   Potatoes (boiled, peeled and mashed) 1 piece (approx 125 gms)
  •   Granulated Sugar 2 tsp (or honey)
  •   Cooking Oil  2 tbs (preferably olive or canola)
  •   Salt and Pepper (for seasoning)
  Recipe (here we go.)
  1. Take Oil in the open pan (or wok) and heat with Garlic Cloves until Garlic loses it's smell.
  2. Now take a blender.... & put every thing in it (except Cream, Seasoning, Sugar, and Ginger)
  3. Give'em Few Swings ...(.Booom Grrrr Booomm Grrrrr......LOL)
  4. Put your all Soup in the Garlic and Oil pan....and cook until few good boils
  5. Season your Soup with Salt and Pepper.
  6. Now make cream for your Dressing (actually for your Soup's dressing)...by mixing cream, mashed ginger and Sugar,
  7. Garnish your Soup with Cream
  8. and Enjoy it...
 (NOTE: Never try to store your soup after adding cream in it..... other wise you'll need Doctor...)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Eat Healthy or Delicious ....or Both at same time..

(part 1)

As many of you ...i always wonder "how to cook healthy food ... with good taste?".
but after wasting my enough time (and money) perhaps now i've little experience to share with you folks.
like healthy food (or cooking) and Deliciousness are both same thing .....really no wonder.

 So Today we'll discuss the importance of food (delicious and healthy one) in our lives. 

 Basic things First .... you've to retain the basic Aroma and Qualities of your food.
absolutely spices, sauces and other flavourings have their own aromas and qualities and sometime times their mingling with other items makes your dish awesome but it's not a ever blooming story......

  2nd thing....  always Cook gently ..i mean do not wrestler like "John Cena and Randy Orton" with your innocent Wok.... LOL ...i wanna say ....don't ever cook in hostile conditions like: Full flame and Stir on Stir ....

  3rd ....don't follow your recipe book as "Holy Book" .....try to create some thing innovative but at least know..what's you're doing... i mean don't every mix vinegar in your shake ....otherwise the shake'll shake you.... try it if you don't believe .....LOL

 Number 4......always use fresh products in your food ..... at least you can grow your own veges in your backyard... and than feel the difference between market and home veges...that will ensure you...what is you're eating and feeding your family.

it was the basic cooking wisdom from me....may you like it....like it or not please comment below...
Take care and Cya.